Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Apple Bundt Cake

My first ever Bundt Cake. I bought this silicone pan for it a while ago that I have been dying to use. I love the way that these silicone pans work because none of the cakes stick at all and you can get the cakes a lot easier then metal pans. So if anyone is in need of new pans or cupcake pans or anything I recommend silicone, all the way.
I was asked by someone how I make my cakes. I generally go off a recipe since I am learning but I always try to add ingredients. I am a big fan of making a cake taste a lot like something. For example, if it suppose to be a chocolate cake I will add more chocolate in various ways to make it super chocolate-y but not dark chocolate like. Or with this apple cake, I added spices that bring out the apple flavors more. So, I just add ingredients I know will go and experiment with it.

This cake is a Apple cake with pecans and apples folded into the batter. It has apple glaze and apple topping I made with fresh organic apples and roasted pecans. The cake was very light and didnt have or require a lot of butter.

I got a job at a bread bakery that I took after thinking hard about it. I decided to take it because I know that the experience will be worth it in the end.
if I don't get the chance to post tomorrow: HAPPY PERSIAN NEW YEARS TO ALL OF YOU!