Friday, April 11, 2008

Double Chocolate Cookies (Chocolate Crinkle)

I felt like making something simple today, so I thought I would make cookies. I was wrong, these cookies take a lot of work. You have to chop 4 oz of chocolate and anyone that knows me knows that I make a huge mess when it comes to baking with chocolate. I made a mess, however in the end it is always worth it.
In the recipe I adapted from they are called "Chocolate Crinkle Cookies" but to be they are double chocolate cookies. Not only is the whole cookie made of unsweetened chocolate I mixed in some chocolate chips and cocoa powder.


Topped with confectioner sugar:

Hot, Fresh out of the oven:

Thanks to Steel Train for giving me the inspiration to get up and bake something after a lousy couple of days.

I made a baguette sponge that is now sitting and rising for tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow with baguettes.