Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Mornin' (Muffins & Sourdough Baguettes)

Sometime I enjoy waking up before anyone in the house to make hot fresh treats for my family to wake up to. We always eat bread for breakfast with cream cheese or something. So I made sour dough baguettes with the same sour dough starter I used for the rounder I made the other day.
I finally figured out how to form the dough in a baguette size without it having cracks on the top and bottom. Practice makes perfect.

Then comes the pumpkin muffins I made. At the bakery I worked at we would have pumpkin muffins and I would eat one every day. I missed them and so I decided to make them. I made them fat free with apple sauce instead of oil/butter. Made them have a new texture I enjoy. They came out a lot sweeter then I wanted but I think my applesauce had sugar in it. I add oatmeal for texture and taste. I also added semi-sweet chocolate chips to half the batch. I love the color of them and they tasted basically the same as the bakery.